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It’s another excellent year for snowboarding fans with lots of new boards that are pushing the performance limits even further. Snowboard manufacturers are fighting to have the hottest boards on the market and they aren’t holding anything back. There’s a sure winner in this competition – all you riders out there! Stop by Snow Bird and let our crew of riders help find the perfect board for you.


Improved materials and new construction techniques are reducing weight and increasing performance. More boards this season are incorporating dampening technology to reduce the chatter and deliver a smoother ride. There are loads of options in width and flex, too, including many women-specific boards with all the latest features.

The length of a board is the most important factor in snowboard sizing. A snowboard can’t tell how tall a rider is – all it can tell is how much they weigh. So keep this in mind when picking out your new board. Width is also a very important factor, which is determined by the size of your foot.

We also have loads of new snowboards designed just for women, who tend to be lighter and have a lower center of gravity. The new models have all the latest technical features with widths and flex patterns engineered to deliver superior performance for women riders of all ages and ability levels.


Whether you are looking for a twin tip design for the park and pipes or a freeride board to take you anywhere on the mountain, we’ve got you covered with all the latest and best boards this season. Our expert staff will set you up with the right board for your height, weight and foot size with a length and flex designed for your riding style.

Freestyle boards are perfect for grinding it out in the park or pipe. Sometimes called “twin-tips”, these boards have the same dimensions on both ends, so they’re easier to ride fakie (backwards) than other boards.

These boards are what they sound like – designed to do anything, anywhere. Freeride boards have a distinct tip and tail, which means they can be ridden fakie, but they’re designed to go forward. Freeride boards are a little stiffer than freestyle, but not as stiff as alpine.

Also called carving or race boards, Alpine boards are long, narrow and stiff. These boards are made for advanced riders, and work best carving downhill in fresh powder (then again, who doesn’t?).

Board Specs
Once you’ve picked a board to match your riding style, there are also several other things to keep in mind when you’re picking your gear:

Board flex will play a big part in the type of day you have on the mountain. Picking a board that’s too stiff will wear you out, or worse, prevent you from making the critical turn to avoid that huge linebacker that’s teetering his way down the bunny slope. On the other hand, picking a board that’s not stiff enough could leave you feeling out of control once you build up some speed.

Your board’s sidecut can also help with turning. Boards with deeper sidecuts are easier to turn, but harder to maneuver if you’re barreling down the mountain at Mach 3.

A general rule of thumb is to pick a board that’s about as wide as your feet are long. Riding a board that’s too wide will make it impossible to get enough leverage in your turns. Going the other way means that your toes will stick over the edge and catch when you turn.

The hardest part of picking the right board is knowing yourself. Your height, weight and riding style combine with all of the factors we mentioned to create your overall riding experience. At Snow Bird, our expert staff has been riding for years, and we know how to help other riders. Let us help you find the perfect board, and you’ll be happy from first chair all the way down to the car.


Snowboard boots, like ski boots, are a big part of your performance package. As always, you can count on our expert bootfitters to help you choose the right boot with the right fit so you get consistent, accurate board control and your feet are warm and comfortable.

Technical features keep improving this year with more durable materials, easy-to-use quick lacing systems and improved liners that provide a truly customized fit. But this year’s crop of boots also offers an incredible choice of styles. Riders who are so inclined can express their tastes with designs that are clean and simple, stylish and comfortable, or bold and daring.

It’s always a good idea to take a look at getting boots and bindings from the same manufacturer, as each component has been designed to work well with the other. We know some of you have more specific performance requirements and we can help you out there, too.

So treat your feet to the best fit in the business. Come in and talk to our bootfitters – they will give you personalized service and set you up with the latest and greatest snowboarding boots on the market.


Bindings for this season are all about performance and durability, with a dash of ingenuity thrown in for good measure. High-end bindings with high-tech materials like carbon fiber are lighter than ever without sacrificing any strength or performance. They are also more adjustable so you can tweak them as needed depending on conditions and your riding style. More now also include dampening technology for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

We have bindings for all skill levels and budgets. Entry and mid-level bindings systems are more refined this year, with better materials and improved construction delivering both performance and comfort for those on a more limited budget. Riders will also appreciate the easy in-and-out features on many new bindings.

Some riders today prefer a little more flex in their bindings. That used to mean going for a lower-end binding with fewer features – but that’s no longer the case. You can now choose a binding that has just enough flex to be forgiving but that still offers the latest technology.

You have lots of choices when selecting bindings, and we can help you sort out your options. Look at buying your bindings and boots from the same manufacturer, as they are usually designed to work together. If you already have your boots, be sure to bring them in so we can help you find a binding with the right fit.


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